We offer practical solutions for businesses, governments and organisations to improve the impact of their programmes, products and services.  These solutions are based on 5 key elements: low cost, user led, collaborative, disruptive and empowering.

Clients access cost effective ideas on our on-line seminar and further skills, practical toolkits, funding and market access on our on-line market place.  Clients and teams of young people can benefit from collaborations and peer support.

Our research and consulting services are delivered by women owned businesses, who apply to become licensed Activate Members.  Selected Members select and support teams of female graduates to access our on-line research skills programmes.

About Us

Activate Solutions has extensive experience of working with governments and businesses in Africa, Asia and Europe supporting the design and implementation of new budget and management processes, including the provision of comprehensive training and software tools.

Our senior consultants have many years practical experience in the public and private sectors, supporting business process and organisational change.

We have designed and tested an innovative approach to developing research and consulting skills for young people, including the development of our on-line skills platform.  We were nominated for the 2015 3SC Award by the Global Sourcing Council in recognition of our efforts to development skills and work for young people, as an "exceptional example for others to follow."

Our Approach

Through our consulting experience and our research with teams of young people in Africa, we designed a range of practical ideas that can be implemented by small businesses, governments, development organisations and medium/large businesses. These ideas focus on low cost solutions for improving the impact or benefits of business and government services.

We are launching these solutions by inviting women owned businesses to apply to join the Activate Network.  Selected Network Members will be licensed to offer our on-line skills and tools  for graduates who will produce research and consulting projects for clients.  Activate Members will provide clients access to the research through on-line seminars and further support, funding, collaborations and markets through our on-line marketplace.


Benefits of Our Approach


  • Develop practical and professional work skills
  • Access to interesting work opportunities 
  • Opportunities to work with teams in other countries
  • Opportunities to provide skills development services to other young people
  • Develop useful life skills that benefit them directly and contribute wider benefits to their communities.



  • Small businesses access practical business ideas, market research and support
  • Businesses, governments and development organisations collaborate to design and implement low cost solutions
  • Businesses access on-line platforms to market products and services
  • Being part of an exciting new approach to addressing poverty, inequality and unemployment
  • Contributing to the creation of professional skills and work for unemployed young people
  • High quality research and consultation services.

Honourable Minister of Education, Botswana

Contact Us

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Botswana: Postal Address:                                                          
P.O Box 45128, Riverwalk, Gaborone,                                 

Physical Address: 
Unit S3&4, Kgale Siding, Gaborone, Botswana