Our Approach

Countries across the world are faced with challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality. Solving these issues requires a collaborative approach and new ways of thinking.  Activate Solutions has developed a range of practical solutions that aim to contribute to addressing those challenges.

Practical Solutions

Our solutions focus on creating skills, work and improved benefits or impact from government, development organisation and small business programmes and services.

These benefits include:

  • products and services that protect the environment and improve people's lives 
  • business ideas and opportunities in disadvantaged communities.

The key elements of these solutions are:

  • Low cost and small scale
  • Involving users in the design of solutions
  • Encouraging and supporting businesses and organisations to work together
  • Using new "disruptive" approaches to funding, markets and supply chains
  • Creating new ways of developing skills and work opportunities.


What we offer

We provide cost effective ideas and skills through our on-line seminars and access to experts, funding, practical toolkits in our marketplace.

Our approach means that businesses, governments and development organisations can:

  • Make use of these ideas which are based on good practice in Africa, the UK and elsewhere 
  • Develop the skills to assess and design the ideas for their own situations
  • Collaborate with and provide peer support to each other
  • Develop in-house skills 
  • Source additional expertise from local and international resources
  • Access innovative funding sources.

Young people can participate in our skills programme and benefit from on-line learning programmes, practical work placements and projects for clients.

How it Works

We are launching our programme through a one week programme and on-line seminars.

Activate Members

We are inviting women owned small businesses to apply to join the Activate Network.  This involves:

  • completing an on-line application project
  • selected candidates will participate in a one week programme during which they will learn how to set up an Activate team of graduates and to market and manage research and consulting assignments
  • at the end of the first week candidates will be assisted to market their services to prospective clients including small businesses, government departments and development organisations. 
  • once the candidates have sufficient clients they will set up a team of graduates and undertake detailed research projects for clients and be supported to tender for consulting assignments.

Client Seminars

We will be running a series of on-line seminars for small businesses, government departments, development organisations and larger businesses/organisations.  These seminars will enable clients to:

  • learn about the practical solutions
  • access research about the viability of these ideas in the pilot locations
  • assess how the ideas could work for them
  • create a plan for implementing the ideas and sign up for additional research and skills.

We will summarise the feedback, client ideas and plans and present the results back to clients at a second round event.  These events will enable clients to learn from other clients, create collaborations and peer networks and to source further skills, toolkits, funding, markets from our marketplace.