Our Client Solutions

We offer innovative research and skills solutions, with the aim of supporting young people, businesses and governments to address the challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment.

Our Client Solutions include:

  • on-line seminars and sharing of ideas, research and practical solutions
  • cost effective research services such as data capture and analysis
  • innovative and effective market research, using web research, surveys and IT tools
  • economic development research services
  • all of these services are supported by our web based tools

We also have a range of user friendly software tools:

  • performance planning and budget software
  • strategic planning and implementation software
  • data management tools such as contacts management tools

Contact Us

11 Brook Hill, Woodstock, OX20 1 XH, Oxfordshire                                                                   
Botswana: Postal Address:                                                          
P.O Box 45128, Riverwalk, Gaborone,                                 

Physical Address: 
Unit S3&4, Kgale Siding, Gaborone, Botswana